Why I don’t buy pretty treats

Let me start off by saying this is in no way to bash treat companies that produce beautiful and gourmet treats. This is just my personal opinion of why I don’t buy them and how you can use your money more efficiently when purchasing treats for your horse.

I can’t lie, the treats shaped like little pizzas, cupcakes, and seasonal shapes are absolutely adorable. They take some real talent to create the artwork on them. At one point I was purchasing treats from one of these companies on a regular basis and even scored an ambassadorship with them. However, I noticed that with the amount I was spending, I was quickly running out of treats. I like to give a treat after every ride (and other times just to spoil :). I also realized while I loved to look at the cute shape and take pictures of them, my horse could not care less. He didn’t enjoy these more than any other treat I’ve given him. They go straight in his mouth without even a glance at what it is lol. This is when I decided that I was spending too much on treats just to be able to post on social media about it with cute pictures. It wasn’t even about rewarding my horse anymore. I started looking at cheaper options and I will share with you my top two favorite affordable and long-lasting treats!

My first go-to treat is the wafers and nuggets by MannaPro. They come in several different flavors like peppermint, apple, carrot spice, and butterscotch. What I love about these treats is that they come with so many in a package! Even their smallest 1 lb bag can last me a really long time. I love their different package sizings as well. Depending on where you buy from, here is about what to expect for pricing and number of treats.

Small- $5, 80 treats

Medium- $10, 300 treats

Bulk- $25-30, 700 treats

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 4.21.19 PM

My other go-to treat is plain old peppermints! Guys, horses love these things and you can get them anywhere! You can buy them in smaller sizes for cheaper or you can get the big buckets for around $10. My favorite is Bob’s Sweet Stripes Peppermint Candy.


You decide your own opinion about treat choices for your horse. There is nothing wrong with deluxe treats for special occasions, but for day to day treats, they are not what I recommend. Hope this was helpful!

Happy Budgeting!

-Hannah + Z


Mannapro Treats

Bob’s Sweet Stripes

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