Tips from Western Rider Danielle

Danielle is an equestrian in grad school with three horses. She trains in natural horsemanship and competes with her horses in trail/obstacle classes and western dressage. She too knows the struggles of affording the equestrian lifestyle and has some tips to offer for our western riders out there. We can all learn something new from someone who rides in a different discipline than ourselves. I’d love to see more equestrians banding together to support each other across all of the different sports we do with our horses. Despite our differences, we can all be brought together by our love of the horse.

“I want people to know they can still look good at shows and not have to buy exclusively from big brands like Dover and Smartpak. Support local businesses like consignment stores! ”

Danielle got her helmet and rag from Amazon. She advises to shop Amazon for sales and discounts, instead of going to your big name retailer. She paid $20 less than retail price for her helmet on Amazon. For rags, Danielle says to search “silk scarves”. Hers was $9 compared to Wild Rag’s price of $40.

Her boots are both scores from thrift stores, with the riding boots costing $11 and the paddock/muck boots for $10.  Her western shirt? – Boyfriend’s closet.

Some other tips she has include putting baby oil in manes and tails before brushing as a cheaper alternative to detangler. She also says climbing rope is the strongest rope around and is great to use for reins and lead ropes.

Thanks for all the great tips Danielle!

You can follow her on Instagram @artofrescuecounseling

Happy Budgeting!

-Hannah + Z

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