Half Leasing- Showing Together

We are about two months into half leasing Z out now. Things are settling in and smoothing out. Last weekend, we did our first show together, sharing Z. It was a little hectic at times, but it was a great experience for Z and very helpful on the wallet!

Sharing the Show Fees

We all know that with shows come show fees. Seemingly small here and there, add them all up and you have got quite a hefty price tag. Sharing Z at the show helped reduce many of these costs in half. Hauling, stall, tack stall, night watch, office, medic, and preschooling fees were able to be split, saving us quite a great deal of money.

Here is a first-hand look at how this cut down on the bill for me.

Hauling- $65 > $32.50

Stall (Thurs-Sun) – $85 > $42.50

Tack Stall – $15 > $7.50

Night Watch- $10 > $5

Office/Medic- $60 > $30

Preschooling- $20 > 10

Saving $127.50 in total!

Of course, we still have to pay our own coaching and division fees, but it was so nice being able to cut out a portion of the expenses!

Sharing the Horse

Sharing Z at the show had pros and cons, but in my opinion, the cons were manageable. At this show series, horses are allowed in no more than 7 over fences classes per day, including warmups. So, we had to pick out our classes carefully so that we each got to compete a fair amount without putting Z over his limit. Schooling and show times could get a little hectic since we were in different rings. Our show is really good about handling trainer conflicts though. At times, I felt like Z was being pushed a bit too hard having to carry two riders each day, but I know his work is very light with our half leaser. They only flatted and trotted cross-rails.

We were able to tackle daily care tasks like cleaning his stall and bathing faster and more efficiently together! This saved us both some much needed time and energy. Z is still a green baby, so the more experience in the show ring, the better. It was great for him to get to perform in more than 1 show ring with different populations of horses. He is still getting used to show life in general, so I’m glad I have the opportunity to expose him to it more.

As you can see, sharing a horse at a show has great benefits for both the owner and the half leaser! You both get to cut out some of the expenses and responsibilities, making for a smooth show weekend. Let me know if you have any questions about half leasing a horse, as either the owner or the half leaser!

Here are some pics from the weekend. 🙂




Hannah + Z


All photo credits to Paula Sebusch Photography 2019.

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