Ecovet Fly Spray Review

Not too long ago, I posted about my fly care routine for the summer and which products I recommend. We all know every fly spray claims the same exact thing, but we’ve watched as the flies come back to bite our horses only moments after we just sprayed them. My final recommendation on my previous post was the Ultra Shield EX. I’m all about natural and nontoxic products for my horse, but let’s face it. The fly sprays just don’t work! I had given up on finding something healthier for my horse and decided to just accept the nasty chemicals to give him some relief.

Enter Ecovet


I recently purchased the trial size of Ecovet (4oz) at Dover to try on my horse, as I was at a complete loss of what to do about our fly problem. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to just try it.  Ecovet completely surprised me by stopping the flies in their tracks! They stopped landing on him entirely! His stall is home to many flies, especially when it hasn’t been freshly mucked. He can now stand in the middle of all his mess, swarmed with flies, but they don’t hardly touch him. Let’s be real, nothing is going to keep 100% of the flies off 100% of the time, but this is the closest we have ever gotten.

Why is Ecovet Different?

Ecovet is a completely different approach to fly protection. It is made up of three naturally derived fatty acids that attack the insects’ normal directional ability. The pests are no longer able to locate your horse as their next host, as the fatty acids mimic some of the repellent smells that animals naturally have on their own skin. You’ll notice on the bottle that the ingredients listed are 5% Octanic Acid, 5% Decanoic Acid, 5% Nonanoic Acid, and 85% other. So what is that 85% other you ask?! 84% silicone oil and 1% fragrance. That’s it!! No more harsh pesticide chemicals! The oil’s job is to carry the fatty acids as they are applied to the horse, and it evaporates in 20-30 minutes leaving only the acids and fragrance behind.  Another great thing about Ecovet is that you don’t have to apply as much as you would a normal fly spray. Quick spritzes down the legs, belly, and around the head should have you covered! I usually do an extra spritz across the top of Z’s back and bum because the flies are particularly rough in the barn.

Still Skeptical?

I admit, there are two things about Ecovet that have the potential to scare you away. First, it’s price. For an 18 oz bottle, most tack shops charge $25-30. That is more than I would usually be willing to pay for a bottle of fly spray! However, this stuff works so well that I am telling you that you are NOT wasting your money. Buying any other cheaper fly spray is! You will just be back for more and more! Like I said before, you are not going to go through as much Ecovet fly spray as quickly as you would others. It is going to last longer. Second, the smell. By no means does Ecovet smell bad! It actually has a wonderful herbal lemon scent to it. It is just a very strong smell if you spray a lot! If you stick to the application directions, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed with the scent. I tried to apply it like a normal fly spray the first time and let’s just say it cleared my sinuses. 🙂

Sales and Discounts

I just got my 18 oz bottle off of Amazon for only $15.91 and with free prime shipping! This is the lowest price I have ever seen it at so GO GO GO! They also have the one gallon refill for $80, when retail price is around $125. If Amazon is not your thing, use code 25%-OFF-FIRST-ORDER on the Ecovet website to get 25% off!



Let me know what your experience is if you decide to give Ecovet a try!


Hannah + Z

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