Spur Tech Review

I don’t know about you guys, but spur straps have always been a complete PAIN for me. They were too long to begin with, but would look awful if I cut them. Then they kept stretching out over time, causing me to have to tighten them to the next hole and the next until I ran out and had to start punching new ones! When I couldn’t get them tight enough, the spurs would flop up and down on my boots as I rode. I hated constantly bumping Z with the spur when I didn’t want to! I had to rig them so tight that I couldn’t take my boots off or put them on without completely undoing the strap, which usually just removed the whole spur. Talk about frustration!

Enter Spur Tech



Spur Tech was so generous in offering me a pair of straps to try out, but I was still skeptical. Could just a different pair of straps really solve all of the problems I was facing? To my surprise and delight, YES! These straps are completely different from others right down to their design! I love that these do not buckle, they velcro. You still get a buckle for the look though. You measure and cut these straps to fit your foot specifically. After you do that and velcro them on, you’re set to go! No more loose spurs bouncing around while you ride and gone are the days of me trying to adjust the fit tighter every single use. My boots come off and on easily with my spurs staying attached. I also love that they offer me some flexibility! I can push my spur down below the spur stopper on my boot or pull it above, depending on how much spur I am wanting to use without changing the straps at all.

I’ve had these for about a month now and they have not shown any wear or tear even with my heavy riding schedule. At only $25 per pair, Spur Tech spur straps are the best total solution out there to your spur problems! I am so happy with the results they have brought me.

Head on over to the Spur Tech site and check out the options they have to offer… you won’t regret it!




Hannah + Z

All photo credits to Spur Tech.

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